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How to build ipxelinux.0
2016-02-11, 21:46
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RE: How to build ipxelinux.0
(2016-02-11 19:13)balanga Wrote:  I've tried to follow the instructions here for building ipxelinux.0 but keep getting failures at every stage.

Is there a recommended Linux distribution where I can run

git clone git://
git clone git://

cd syslinux

and avoid getting constant missing headers and suchlike?

Ideally I 'd like to run this on FreeBSD but it looks as though the makefiles aren't compatible with FreeBSD's build system.


git clone git://
cd ipxe/src

Work without any problem? if not what is the output?

any recent linux should work, you could probably even use systemrescuecd or just a minimal gentoo stage3

(Creating a minimal, clean, public, ipxe bootable environment for building ipxe is still on my todo list)

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