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How to build ipxelinux.0
2016-02-12, 00:16
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RE: How to build ipxelinux.0
(2016-02-11 21:46)NiKiZe Wrote:  Does

git clone git://
cd ipxe/src

Work without any problem? if not what is the output?

any recent linux should work, you could probably even use systemrescuecd or just a minimal gentoo stage3

(Creating a minimal, clean, public, ipxe bootable environment for building ipxe is still on my todo list)

That did work and I managed to create ipxe.pxe, ipxe.iso, ipxe.usb, ipxe.lkrn, ipxe.dsk.

I'm not sure what any of them do but I put the ipxe.pxe in the root path of my tftp server.
ipxe.pxe did boot but then stopped with:-

Next server:
Filename: ipxe.pxe
Root path: tftpboot
Ignoring unsupported root path
tftp:// ok
ipxe.pxe : 306366 bytes [PXE-NBP]

The root path provided worked fine with PXELINUX.

I was, however, able to get to an ipxe prompt and boot using
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