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Convert USB Boot to iPXE
2016-03-08, 15:17
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RE: Convert USB Boot to iPXE
(2016-03-08 13:53)Fimlore Wrote:  The ISO contains a version of ISOlinux; (ISOLINUX.BIN, VMLINUZ) and a DATA folder, containing multiple TAR.XZ files; I think it's used for the actual functions of the software

OK. You can load the kernel and the initrd directly from iPXE. The syntax is pretty straightforward and there are plenty of examples online. If it takes you more than a few minutes, then paste the isolinux.cfg file here and I'll give you a translation to an iPXE script.

That will get you to the point of having your kernel and initial userspace loaded. Your initrd then needs to be able to somehow retrieve the .tar.xz files. This part of the process is entirely under the control of the initrd itself. It may be hard-coded to assume the presence of a physical block device, or it may have the capability to retrieve files over the network. iPXE has no control over this stage.

As a last resort, you could look at exposing the entire contents of the ISO as the file "/dev/cdrom" within your initrd, using iPXE's ability to inject files into an initrd image on the fly. When your initrd scripts try to mount /dev/cdrom, then would then actually be mounting the ISO image (rather than a physical device).

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