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Disable options in menu based on CPU
2016-03-16, 19:33
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RE: Disable options in menu based on CPU
Thanks for your quick and clear replies. This was exactly what I was looking for and I was certain not to find out myself Smile

The solution provided by Michael, the platform option is actually what I need, because dhcp decides the best ipxe to load for the platform, so if the efi file loads, the legacy options are invalid so should not be displayed and vice versa.

The ipxe script you provided nikize is also very interesting, it provides great insight into advanced ipxe scripting.

I know I am asking a lot of questions. But I'm adopting ipxe as our booting method and i'd love to be able to support everything in one system, instead of having 3 solutions that do all the same but limited.
It however involves a lot of know-how in both bash and Linux.. And I'm a Windows scripting guy, so it's a challenge but fun to do.

Thanks for both of your replies.
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