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Wireless MAC
2016-03-16, 19:24
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RE: Wireless MAC
(2016-03-16 19:10)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2016-03-16 18:32)Fimlore Wrote:  What do I need to do to retrieve the wireless MAC address if present in the device?
I'm using Undionly.kpxe and ipxe.efi to boot to ipxe, but only the LAN-cards are recognized.

With undionly.kpxe, you will only ever be able to see the NIC that was used to load iPXE. This is an architectural limitation of the PXE specification.

With ipxe.pxe or ipxe.efi, you will be able to see all NICs for which iPXE has an available driver. This can be a native iPXE driver (preferred) or a fallback UNDI/SNP/NII driver provided by the platform firmware.

If you are not seeing the wireless cards in ifstat even when using ipxe.efi, then that suggests that there is no iPXE native driver for your wireless NICs, and that there is no SNP/NII driver for those NICs provided by the platform firmware.

If that is the case, then there is no way to retrieve the MAC address. The solution would be to create an iPXE driver for your wireless NICs. That is, however, quite a lot of work.


Ifstat indeed only shows the net0 interface. I have build the efi file with make, are there any options i might have disabled that prevent the fallback drivers from working, or are all drivers always included.

BtW, i only changed the general.h file, all other files were left as is.

What is the legacy alternative to the ipxe.efi? I thought that was undionly?
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