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Wireless MAC
2016-03-16, 19:39
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RE: Wireless MAC
(2016-03-16 19:29)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2016-03-16 19:24)Fimlore Wrote:  Ifstat indeed only shows the net0 interface. I have build the efi file with make, are there any options i might have disabled that prevent the fallback drivers from working, or are all drivers always included.

No; ipxe.efi always includes all drivers.

Quote:What is the legacy alternative to the ipxe.efi? I thought that was undionly?

The alternative is undionly.kpxe if you want to always use the firmware-provided fallback driver, or ipxe.pxe if you want to always use an iPXE native driver.

The UEFI version of iPXE has the advantage of being able to decide whether to use a native driver or a fallback driver at runtime. ipxe.efi has the capability to use either. This is a feature which is not (currently) available in the BIOS version of iPXE.


Clear, thanks.

The UEFI and BIOS are two very different beast I see, .. They both have some serious limitations in what is possible and what is not.

If, somehow I need to provide the wireless Mac to my customers, ill have to boot into Windows pe and load the Windows driver.

How often are the drivers in ipxe updated? Or isn't that on a regular basis
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