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Error 0x420c6095 on default selection
2016-04-04, 19:40
Post: #7
RE: Error 0x420c6095 on default selection

Of cause, I just didn't want to spend your time if I was the only one with that issue :o)

The server is a Lenovo X3850x6 and the NIC is a Emulex OCe14000 series 10Gbe (OEM).

I tried to compile as suggested (make bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi DEBUG=snpnet:3,nii:3) and boot with the new ipxe.efi, but it just gave a lot debug info when booting, but the menu nor the mboot.efi seems to be loaded - did I do something wrong?

I have tried to find some information regarding ipxe.efi vs snponly.efi, but haven't been able to, do you know where I can find some?
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