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New to iPXE, struggling with inconsistent sanboot connections
2016-04-09, 02:05
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Question New to iPXE, struggling with inconsistent sanboot connections
Hello everyone,

Let me start by saying thanks for your help and suggestions.

What I'm trying to achieve:
I have a fairly basic environment where I'd like to serve up 2-3 different ISOs, one of which is a Macrium Reflect recovery ISO, another is memtest86 (all things supported by iPXE), and maybe a diagnostic CD image or driver scanner.

These images would be served up to any PXE-based computer on a small network, and would include a short menu with the different choices available.

Where I'm at now:
At this point I am still figuring iPXE out, and trying to get some of the basics down before delving into more complicated aspects (e.g. building a menu, accounting for drive 0x80 parameters, etc.)

I have iPXE working at the moment, but it doesn't work every time (even on the same machine). I am only trying to load one ISO (Macrium) currently, and can get it to work if entered manually on the client machine (using Ctrl B).

[Image: 20160408_135814.jpg]

Once I get it working manually, it will work for the next few reboots, then go back to not finding the sanboot device (Nothing to boot: No such file or directory). The manual parameters that I enter are the same that I have listed in a text file that iPXE is supposed to read. Obviously I'm missing a key step(s) somewhere in here.

[Image: 20160408_135554.jpg]

Here is my dnsmasq.conf code:
# dynamic pool for unknown clients, 140 addresses

Note: my undionly.kpxe is in the www folder, which has not been edited.

And here is what I have in my ipxe.txt file:
set sanboot-url
sanboot --no-describe

Any thoughts or advice would be helpful.
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