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Boot ISOs over network, it's possible??
2016-04-11, 02:01
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Big Grin Boot ISOs over network, it's possible??

I set up a ipxe server, and it's great, but I wanted mostly to be able to install windows, some linux distros and other utilities.

The problem I found is I can't use the ISO directly, one "solution" would be to use memdisk to load the ISO to memory and boot from there, I read some linux distributions don't work.

I was thinking if any way to create a virtual disk over the network and appear as a real one. A lot of problems reside when a modern OS do a hardware test and try to find the memdisk, this is not found. Or we use a lot of ram for having all the iso in memory.

I think the problem can be splited in two questions:
1) Is any way or possible to create a virtual media that a hardware test find as an actual media?
2) If so I can assume we can make it to map the content to memory or a network media? (nfs,iscsi,AoE)

Thanks in advance! Smile
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Boot ISOs over network, it's possible?? - angoll - 2016-04-11 02:01

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