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iPXE handoff issues
2016-06-03, 19:46
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RE: iPXE handoff issues
(2016-06-03 16:51)mcb30 Wrote:  What script (or DHCP configuration) are you using to hook the SAN disk and exit without unhooking?


Thanks for the reply Michael!

I can hit Ctrl-B once gPXE is chainloaded from PXE and run:
dhcp net0
set keep-san 1
sanboot iscsi:<HOSTNAME-FROM-DNS>::::iqn.<BLAH-BLAH>

If there is an operating system installed at the iscsi address then it boots, otherwise it fails and preserves the connection to SAN disk and moves on to the next in the BIOS boot order which I have set to CD.

When I chainload iPXE from PXE I run the following:
dhcp net0
sanhook iscsi:<HOSTNAME-FROM-DNS>::::iqn.<BLAH-BLAH>
I do that to drop to CD as next in boot order. In that case the NIC doesn't show at all to WindowsPE running from the install CD, so there is no route to the iSCSI disk anymore.

When I attempt to boot to an already known working image on an iSCSI disk I use the following:
dhcp net0
sanboot iscsi:<HOSTNAME-FROM-DNS>::::iqn.<BLAH-BLAH>
In that case I get "A disk read error occurred."
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