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Synology iSCSI Windows install
2016-08-02, 18:38
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RE: Synology iSCSI Windows install
(2016-08-02 15:36)Elementelist Wrote:  I am trying to install Windows on iSCSI but i am having some difficulties.
Normally i boot up winpe with ipxe and map a network share with the installer on it and boot up the setup.
When i attach a iSCSI in the ipxe script it freezes at entering bootmgr.exe with parameter....
This happens only when i use undoinly.kpxe, .kkpxe and kkkpxe.

Sounds like your undi firmware (the PXE code in BIOS) is buggy, what NIC are you using? (use show netX/busid to get the PCIID)

(2016-08-02 15:36)Elementelist Wrote:  When i use the .pxe variant it does not hang but reboots at the screen "Windows is loading files".
Tried it on different pieces of hardware with all the same result.
I am guessing there is something wrong my Synology or my script.
I use a DS214+ that contains a LUN and 1 Target with 50Gb of space.
Below the script that i use to attach the iSCSI and boot up winpe.

set gateway
set keep-san 1

kernel ${boot-url}/wimboot
initrd ${boot-url}/x86/boot31/bootmgr bootmgr
initrd ${boot-url}/x86/boot31/bcd BCD
initrd ${boot-url}/x86/boot31/boot.sdi boot.sdi
initrd ${boot-url}/x86/macrium.wim boot.wim
boot || goto failed
goto start

As i said without the iSCSI part winpe boots fine with no problems at all.
Hope you guys can help me out!

keep-san should not be needed.
Does the winpe work if you skip the sanhook line?
The bootmgr line should not be needed since wimboot extracts it automatically from boot.wim.

Which version of windows are you using/testing with? (is it 32 bit or 64 bit?)

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