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iPXE boot failed but 'boot || goto boot_menu' reback to boot menu NOT work
2016-08-16, 08:44 (This post was last modified: 2016-08-16 08:55 by lvii.)
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Question iPXE boot failed but 'boot || goto boot_menu' reback to boot menu NOT work

When I test iPXE boot menu, boot menu with wrong URL make boot failed.

I have added :

boot || goto boot_menu

to a boot menu entry, hoping to return back to boot menu when boot failed. But it seem that boot || goto boot_menu NOT work.

Boot failed with a message, and then exit iPXE boot to localdisk :

Could not boot: No such file or directory (
Could not boot image: No such file or directory
No more network devices

Here is the Failed screenshot :

[Image: Bqi3MO2.png]

My iPXE script :

prompt --key 0x02 --timeout 1000 Press Ctrl-B for the iPXE command line... && shell ||

menu iPXE Clone Menu
item clone      KS Auto Install : centos-7-kvm
item localboot  Boot From Local Disk
item static     gPXE Static Install
item shell      iPXE Shell

choose --default localboot --timeout 30000 target && goto ${target} ||
echo __NOTE: Cancel Enter Select Menu, Exit

sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x80 || goto boot_menu

kernel http=// net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 inst.sshd ipv6.disable=1 inst.stage2=http=// inst.ks=http=// ks.device
=bootif BOOTIF=01-${net0/mac:hexhyp}
initrd http=//
boot || goto boot_menu
goto boot_menu

set 210:string http://${next-server}/pxe/
set 209:string ${210:string}pxelinux.cfg/default
echo __INFO: chain ${210:string}gpxelinux.0
echo __INFO: ${209:string}
chain ${210:string}gpxelinux.0 ||
goto boot_menu

echo __NOTE: Type 'config' enter iPXE config setting, 'exit' return to boot menu.
goto boot_menu
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