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XenServer 7.0 iPXE errors downloading SCCM image
2016-09-15, 15:27
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XenServer 7.0 iPXE errors downloading SCCM image
Hi guys, I am having some problems when attempting to build a VDI using a new XenServer 7.0 installation, via an SCCM image (iPXE looks the be the PXE client of choice for my XenServer installation).

iPXE> autoboot
net0: correct MAC address using rt18139 on PCI00:05.0 (open)
[Link:up, TX:11 TX:0, RX:1003, RXE:965]
[RXE: 625 x "The socket is not connected ("]
[RXE: 256 x "The operation not supported ("]
[RXE: 84 x "Error 0x440e6003 ("]
DHCP (net0 correct MAC)......... ok
net0: gw
Next Sever:
Filename: /smsboot/x64/ Error 0x3d126001 (

Note that the RXE errors are not seen during the normal boot sequence, I just receive the last error 0x3d126001, to see the RXE errors I have to boot via the CLI.

Permissions and path to the folder all look good. The image is being used to build other machines via VMware or SCCM OK.

The error codes translate to: - Error: The socket is not connected - Error: Operation not supported - Error: Protocol not supported

Any tips on how best to troubleshoot this would be appreciated.

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