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poweroff command not working after memtest
2016-09-26, 15:17 (This post was last modified: 2016-09-26 15:59 by johnpaul.)
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RE: poweroff command not working after memtest
(2016-09-23 22:58)NiKiZe Wrote:  memtest pretty much cleanouts all of the memory state, as it seems from the error url the ACPI table used for doing poweroff does not exist, and that is likely due to memtest messing with things it shouldn't mess with.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions or workaround other then using reboot and chaining into ipxe again which could then do a poweroff with some serverside state and scripting.

OK. Rebooting and then powering off is an acceptable workaround. Thanks for the suggestion Smile
In case anyone else is interested. Here was my solution - it is definitely a bit of a hack!

I stuck this at the beginning of my script

chain poweroff/${mac:hexraw}.ipxe ||

and put the following in poweroff/poweroff.php

PHP Code:


$action $_GET["action"];

if (
$action == "create") {
file_put_contents("$mac.ipxe""#!ipxe\nchain poweroff.php?mac=$mac&action=delete");
} elseif (
$action == "delete") {


Then I called poweroff with
chain poweroff/poweroff.php?mac=${mac:hexraw}&action=create

Maybe that's useful for someone else.
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