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Can not boot RHEL 7.3 by using iPXE
2016-12-14, 09:06 (This post was last modified: 2016-12-14 09:07 by sspans.)
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RE: Can not boot RHEL 7.3 by using iPXE
I have the same issue with iPXE, UEFI, CentOS 7.3 and HP G9 hardware.
We have a working configuration for CentOS 7.2 with the 32mb.bin hacks to deal with the older kernel:

initrd ${boot-url}/install/centos-7/32mb.bin
initrd ${boot-url}/install/centos-7/initrd.img
initrd ${boot-url}/install/centos-7/32mb.bin
kernel ${boot-url}/install/centos-7/vmlinuz
initrd ${boot-url}/install/centos-7/32mb.bin
imgargs vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img ks=${boot-url}/install/centos-7/install.ks ksdevice=bootif BOOTIF=01-${netX/mac:hexhyp}

However this config doesn't seem to work for the 7.3 installer. I'm planning to evaluate some alternative solutions next week.
(using an elrepo kernel, bootstrapping via grub + memdisk, etc).
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