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Chain UEFI linux with ipxe.efi or ipxe-snponly
2017-03-01, 06:42
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RE: Chain UEFI linux with ipxe.efi or ipxe-snponly
(2017-03-01 06:31)Lester Wrote:  Hi!

I'm trying to make uefi linux happen with ipxe.efi !
Tryied dozen different version of *.efi, it just can't. Everytime the same error message:
kernel /vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img
initrd intrd.img
“Could not select : Exec format error”

I want to know , IS THERE any way to help me finish this?
It would be great thankful!

Next link tell me howto do that, but it actually doesn't help.

If you read the full error message that you get and follow that url you will see a explanation about the issue. Mainly that in EFI mode the file you are trying to boot must be a EFI binary (linux kernel needs CONFIG_EFI_STUB enabled to be EFI compatible) there is several other posts about this already, here is one of my previous replies to same/similar question:

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