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problems building vbox rom
2017-03-03, 15:17
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RE: problems building vbox rom

Thanks for the reply. I added the relevant lines to general.h in the vbox dir, after it didn't work the first time, but I'll check that I did it the right way from that link you sent.

Regarding the size constraint, I did see that, but it confused me because when I compiled it the first time with the defaults, it was 62464b in size, and it definitely loaded (I could see ipxe in the banner, and TFTP started working), however, when I recompiled to get rid of the exec format error, the resultant binary was actually a few bytes smaller (which also mystified me).

It looks like I probably won't be able to use it, as it was supposed to be a simple fix for a net boot issue on the network, so I don't think I'll be able to get the time to add more images to the PXE setup.

Thanks very much for the help though.

Kind regards,


(2017-03-02 20:41)NiKiZe Wrote:  I'm assuming you have read the Readme about vbox, copy found at:
And especially the size constraint part.

Remember that when CONFIG=vbox is used, the config files from that directory is used so changes needs to be done in those files (described in more detail at )

I don't think much features will fit in the above mentioned size constraint, so the usual way to handle that in vbox is to have DHCP config or script that checks the features, and if some feature, such as menu is missing then a more full version of ipxe is loaded over the network first before bzImage can/is booted. One ISC DHCP config that checks the ipxe features option can be found at: I know Robin uses vbox so that config is likely done for just this use-case.
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