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iPXE source code - embedding.elf
2017-05-26, 13:43
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RE: iPXE source code - embedding.elf
(2017-05-26 13:25)Abrams Wrote:  set initiator-iqn "IQN of the initiator"
sanhook iscsi:"IQN of the target"
boot http://<ip.address of the Webserver>/test.elf
sanboot iscsi:"IQN of the target"

Using this code, actually I can execute my .elf file and then booting through the iSCSI disk. But first you need to attach the disk.

No you can't. Take a look at You can see that iPXE will refuse to continue after invoking an ELFBoot executable. If your "test.elf" file is successfully returning to iPXE and continuing to the "sanboot", then it is not an ELFBoot executable.

The file extension ".elf" doesn't actually mean anything to iPXE; it will detect the image type based on the contents of the image rather than the filename. You can use "imgstat" to see what type of executable you really have.

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