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Networking booting LTSP with iPXE
2017-07-06, 01:44
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Networking booting LTSP with iPXE

We have a current legacy PXE based LTSP / Ubuntu installation. We are using pxelinux.0 to boot from thin clients. With the newer thin clients increasingly supporting UEFI only, can we use iPXE as a drop in for booting the existing environment without changing much of the back end?

I have already been experimenting with ipxe.efi but haven't figured out this fundamental question yet.

Let me know if I need to provide more information that might help answer this.
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2017-07-06, 18:05
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RE: Networking booting LTSP with iPXE
iPXE uses scripts instead of config files which gives you whole new bunch of possibilities. (so not much of the backend needs changing just "converting" your old pxelinux configuration files into iPXE scripts)

It also works the same for both Legacy and EFI the only thing that you should do is to have the same kernel compatible with both ways of booting.

If you boot into ipxe.efi you can just do
For a simple example

I would suggest that you post your current configuration and a more complete description of any issues you are having.

One gotcha in EFI land is secure boot, but in the beginning you should be able to ignore that.

Use GitHub Discussions
VRAM bin
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