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State of ipxe+wimboot and secureboot?
2017-09-12, 21:34
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State of ipxe+wimboot and secureboot?
Googling a bit, I found some older forum posts talking about wimboot support for secure boot being in work but no definite ETA. Any update on if/when we might see that? I don't know enough about ipxe/wimboot to know if it is both that need signing or just one in order to be able to pxe boot wimboot.

Is there anything that would help in the process? I saw some of the posts mentioned the $500 for the cert required - would having that mean we could see support soon?

Here are the posts I saw:
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2017-09-13, 06:29
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RE: State of ipxe+wimboot and secureboot?
You can find signed versions of wimboot in the repo:

And to qoute myself from
(2017-01-12 19:11)NiKiZe Wrote:  Current wimboot is actually signed by MS, the issue with ipxe is that MS does not like what you can do inside of ipxe, and also that the process for signing ipxe needs to be automatic to be officially available.

Not even grub is signed by MS, instead most distros rely on shim.efi which have been signed by MS.

Other then that, going over those threads you linked to and reading anything from mcb30, I think that anything written in 2016 or later is the state we are in right now.

Certificate exists, and the only reason that we don't have a officially signed version of iPXE is that the process of getting it signed must be done manually.

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