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486er hangs on boot with iPXE floppy
2017-12-27, 22:27
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TO: NiKiZe | TOPIC: 486er hangs on boot with iPXE floppy
NiKiZe, thanks for your quick reply.
Unfortunately I cannot boot from anything but drive A: or C: as the BIOS does not allow anything but that, and I do not have any IO-cards which could change this. :/ (yet..)

I cannot create "online" images. The only way would be to take out the hard drive and image the stuff "offline".

But, instead of this I would like to use the to-be-installed linux as two things:
1) to image floppies and other partitions (but this very linux) on the hard drive
2) to simply use it and see how far a 486er with 24 MB of RAM can be helpful with *a current* 32bit distribution of today and up-to-date packets.

Also the iPXE-boot-from-any-image thingy could be useful in general. Thinking of testing this further with more up2date machines, but still.. I do not get why the boot floppy hangs with that 486er, while it works on every other machine. Weird. What could that be?
Too few RAM maybe (24 MB), or problems when probing the hardware? Is there a way to debug this problem?
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