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486er hangs on boot with iPXE floppy
2017-12-27, 22:58
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RE: 486er hangs on boot with iPXE floppy
Sorry, I might have not been precise enough.

--> Yes I DO have a floppy with iPXE, that boots on any machine BUT that 486er.

--> the floppy hangs up the 486er after that "Loading ROM image....." message after POST
No scripts running yet at that point. I might do a screeny if you need to know where it hangs!

> What is your current iPXE script for loading that

none yet

> if the above is from booting a floppy with iPXE, how did you create that floppy

The linux distribution CentOS comes with a set of iPXE images for floppies, CDs, USB-sticks and so on. You may download these images if you like. So I did.
Creating the floppy disk was rather easy:

Quote:dd if=image-file of=/dev/fd0

tested on quite a few machines, where it worked. Also VirtualBox ran a test with that very image, and could boot from it.

First of all they all showed the usual:
Quote:Loading ROM image..... (with growing number of dots)

On the 486er after quite a few dots were added, the machine simply hangs up and nothing happens any further. A hard reset via button is required afterwards. CTRL + ALT + DEL does not reboot.

On any other machine, after this Loading ROM image with growing number of dots, the iPXE menu appears. (as it should be)
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