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486er hangs on boot with iPXE floppy
2017-12-28, 20:18
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RE: 486er hangs on boot with iPXE floppy
(2017-12-28 19:27)His_Cifnes Wrote:  First of all, I swapped the RTL8139 NIC with an Intel Pro1000 Desktop Adapter PCI, but usual problem... hangs up with the prebuilt floppy image. --> So, not the card's fault as it appears.
Extremely unlikely in the first place, but if you want to be sure it is not NIC related, pull it out and don't have any NIC in the machine and make sure iPXE boots to prompt even if it won't have any network. (after we know that to be working you can pop whatever nic back in)

(2017-12-28 19:27)His_Cifnes Wrote:  486er still hangs at "Loading ROM image............................." but before "Initialising devices..."
amd athlon machine works fine with the shortly created disk image.

--> Are there some debug flags to compile in, to see what stage the booting fails?

I need to ask 486er? there is no er on any 486 model AFAIK so what do you actually mean? Wink

Are you sure you dd the correct file "ipxe/src/bin/ipxe.dsk" to the floppy before booting? if you boot that floppy on some other machine, what do you see in the iPXE header? Something like "iPXE 1.0.0+ (be9e) -- Open Source ..." the version (be9e in this case latest version right now) is which git commit it was built from, plase post that number that you are seeing, that way we can make sure it is the latest code.

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