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Blanking display of MAC and IP
2018-03-11, 22:36
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RE: Blanking display of MAC and IP
(2018-03-11 22:06)acj Wrote:  It is for security, and would only be required 'after' the intial configuration. Why would you advise against it?

Hiding something would fall under "security by obscurity" and doesn't make sense.

In what way would hiding this information make it more secure? What kind of attack are you considering trying to prevent?

To have any use of the MAC address you would have to be on the same L2 network, and at that time you will see any dhcp-discover anyway since that is broadcast. The only reason to hide IP would be if it is a public address, but even then security should be handled on a different level.

And of course for any kind of debug purposes this is horrible.
This might work fine when you set it up, but what happens 2-3 years down the road when things break down and no one else can debug the issue and missing mac/ip just makes it harder.

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