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Using scriptlet option?
2018-03-14, 22:21 (This post was last modified: 2018-03-15 09:19 by myxal.)
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RE: Using scriptlet option?
(2018-03-14 19:47)NiKiZe Wrote:  As I'm reading the code without having tested, this is the same as having an embedded script.
So it should be something like "dhcp && chain http://xxxx/xxx.ipxe"
Thanks, I'll check tomorrow when I get to it. I'm wondering if variables set via the scriptlet persist across the chain call - so I could do something like "set var something && chain http://.../main.ipxe". In case they don't, is it possible to pass the data as argument for ipxe, i.e. "chain http://.../main.ipxe something" ? (How would I refer to the argument in the ipxe script?)

EDIT: Well, I tried setting the option to echo something, wait and then boot the main script - no dice. If i leave DHCP option 67 in place (which is set to the main script), it just boots straight into the main script, and if I unset it, it just loops at the DHCP stage (iPXE is chainloaded from onboard PXE). Confused

Actually, thinking it over some more, I realized, the "live-netdev=eth1" option will be required on per-model basis, rather than per-machine, so I'll just add the decision logic into my main script and be done with it.

Still, I find it quite strange that this option, which seems to date back to gPXE days, remains undocumented. Huh
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