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Problem with more than 1 interface
2018-03-30, 14:59
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RE: Problem with more than 1 interface
I knew it would be simple if you know how Blush

APPEND :retry && ifconf || goto retry && chain

did the trick.

Thanks a lot!

By the way, as I´m quite new to this "iPXE" world:
Is there maybe a PXE-server solution/appliance/fork/whatever available that would allow me to enable/disable PXE boot through a Webinterface by client/mac-address?

Like a list of clients where I could configure "next time this MAC does a PXE boot, do this"?

I´m quite sure that FOG can do this, but it can do a million things more that I wouldn´t need so I was hoping for something smaller.

Thanks a lot in advance
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