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2018-05-15, 18:27
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RE: zlib error
(2018-05-15 08:00)charlesjacob4695 Wrote:  util/zbin.c:7:18: fatal error: lzma.h: No such file or directory
I have all the required dependencies installed and I am trying to run this on a debian jessie install.

This is due to missing dependencies specifically liblzma headers.
As indicated at "liblzma or xz header files" is needed.

Quick google shows liblzma-dev as the package that you want on jessie. (might be wrong, but that is what shows up)

(2018-05-15 08:00)charlesjacob4695 Wrote:  Need to do - On another corporate network, I need to use a usb device to point the boot information to a specific ip address on a LAN (and/or WAN), because I will not have access to the router or the dhcp server. Can this be done with iPXE? From reading, and more reading, it seems like it would be easy but I am having no luck at all.

Yes, iPXE can use static ip or dhcp without bootp support. However many have issues running grub from it. I would migrate any and all grub configs to use iPXE menues and scripts instead.

(2018-05-15 08:00)charlesjacob4695 Wrote:  What I have done - I have successfully created a usb boot device with grub installed, and I can boot the ipxe.iso file from it. But from there I am brain locked and can't get past this.

So you have a built iPXE?
using the iPXE shell you can run dhcp to get an ip, and then use chain to boot whatever other "next binary" that is suitable for the platform.

Basics of iPXE scripting can be found at ... the search function on should be able to guide you to most of the information you need here, otherwise just ask here on the forum, or on IRC.

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