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Broadcom Support
2018-06-05, 06:08
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RE: Broadcom Support
(2018-06-05 03:47)bishop Wrote:  Are broadcom adapters supported, I have some servers and no network device is being detected. Based on some of the searching in this forum it seems that broadcom is not supported ?

We are missing a few important pieces to be able to help you at all...

It depends on what you mean by "not supported"

Please always include the PCIID of the device, best way to grab it is usually in linux with lspci -nn, otherwise no one will be able to know which device you are actually using.

It is also important to include which binary you are using, since that tells us which drivers are built in. for example there is unidonly.kpxe, ipxe.pxe, ipxe.efi, snponly.efi, full list of buildtargets are available at so which one are you using?

Several Broadcom chips have native support in ipxe, some are in the tg3 driver. (And some are buggy when run on some systems, which a search on the forum for broadcom should tell, so what are you actually basing "Based on some of the searching in this forum it seems that broadcom is not supported" on?)
However depending on which binary of ipxe you are booting, this might not be relevant at all.

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