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android-x86 pxe boot
2018-12-15, 07:39
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RE: android-x86 pxe boot
(2018-07-10 18:47)ayx Wrote:  Hello @MultimediaMan thanks a lot .. yes you are right i was not downloading the ramdisk.img .
after downloading it the "detecting android ...." stage got solved .. here is my iPXE script


echo Hi, trying to boot androidx86
set server_ip
set nfs_path /home/ayx/android-x86/out/target/product/x86_64
kernel nfs://${server_ip}${nfs_path}/kernel || read void
initrd nfs://${server_ip}${nfs_path}/initrd.img || read void
initrd nfs://${server_ip}${nfs_path}/ramdisk.img || read void
imgargs kernel root=/dev/nfs rw ip=dhcp androidboot.hardware=android_x86_64 netboot=nfs nfsroot=${server_ip}:${nfs_path},nolock,wsize=4096,rsize=4096 initrd=initrd.img,ramdisk.img ROOT=${server_ip}:${nfs_path}
boot || read void
echo Booting

but now i have got a new problem ... the booting gets failed by showing "/system/bin not found" .. actually there are several system paths shown not to be found . in the end the booting is stuck at showing "binder 1756:1756 transaction failed ..... "

do i need to modify the init script or code at the source and build again ?.maybe the rootfs is failing to get mount over nfs ?

thanks for the help.

I am also facing same issue "binder 1756:1756 transaction failed ..... ".
can you please help me if issue is solved for you.

Sk shahul.
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