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booting installed linux through iscsi
2018-08-08, 21:19
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RE: booting installed linux through iscsi
(2018-08-08 20:24)MultimediaMan Wrote:  Please Read Michael's posting about EFI Secure boot and iSCSI. Yes, iSCSI in EFI is supported, but not if EFI Secure boot is being used (Secure Boot and Networking are almost mutually exclusive in the EFI/UEFI Standard).

Right missed the secure boot part, sorry.
Still tho, I'm assuming that works fine with the shim demo.
Do you have anything specific in mind? The only part that is disabled in -sb builds are NFS and Wifi stuff

(2018-08-08 20:24)MultimediaMan Wrote:  Also, please check out how the iBFT works when it comes to iSCSI boot. GRUB or GRUB2 ~can~ be used with a local disk or when a HBA with a built-in iSCSI initiator is used, but in the case of PXE/iPXE-based SAN-Booting with a Software ISCSI initiator, GRUB is useless because it doesn't have the ability to mount an iSCSI LUN or have a network stack.

Not relevant since it doesn't need to know anything about it. All is done via EFI block interface which iPXE provides.
My memory might be failing me, but quite sure that was to be able to refer to grubx64.efi
Hmm grub.efi is also in the example:

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