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Loading PNG for console on older hardware broken
2018-08-09, 00:12
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RE: Loading PNG for console on older hardware broken
(2018-08-08 21:33)NiKiZe Wrote:  
(2018-08-08 21:06)pxe_curious Wrote:  The following command worked before:
console --picture ${main-url}/ipxe/background.png --left 48 --right 48 --top 40 --bottom 105

With the latest build of the undionly.kpxe file, that command fails with the following:
So something is not detected correctly, I think there is other posts about this, but my suggestion is to add || at the end of that command, that way if the console mode change fails than it's just that that fails, and not the whole boot process.
Here we are

Also from the error page you linked: Wrote:This error most likely means the console command was unable to find a usable resolution in the VESA BIOS mode list.
You can compile your binary with DEBUG=vesafb to get a list of which resolutions was detected when running the console command.

(2018-08-08 21:06)pxe_curious Wrote:  When I restored the previous version of the undionly.kpxe file, the menu and background picture continued to work like expected.

The full error message I am seeing at the console, after the background image is successfully downloaded, is:
Could not configure console: No such file or directory (
Could not boot image: No such file or directory (
No more network devices

Press Ctrl-B for the iPXE command line...
And the script dies at that point and does not show a menu.

Does anyone have any insight as to what changes could have caused this?

I must also ask, you said that old build works, new does not. And this is on the exact same terminal? so that it isn't that one is over Networked KVM while the other is not or similar?

Thank you NiKiZe for the quick reply. I will be adding the double pipes to the end of the line, I was already heading that way ;-)

Re your question: Yes, same server connected to regular monitor (not KVM). Doesn't boot with new binary, but does on old one.

If the double pipes resolve it, I will leave it alone. Just couldn't figure out what the difference if between the binaries and the fact that it states that it didn't find the file, when the download was definitely successful.
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