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Question about building iPXE with named configuration
2018-08-16, 19:19
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RE: Question about building iPXE with named configuration
(2018-08-16 17:55)NiKiZe Wrote:  Never change the original config/*.h
instead add new files to config/local/*.h which you add the specific changes to.
So yes always keep originals untouched.

Does the content of the local file supersede the content of the other files?
Or does the file itself supersede?
I.e. should I make a copy of the whole file from src/config and edit that or create a new file that only includes the specific lines I want changed?
What I am understanding is to copy the files and make changes to them in the local folder. Just want to confirm I have this right.

(2018-08-16 17:55)NiKiZe Wrote:  But I would like to back up a little... Could you share the specific configs you have? And especially the reason for why you need to have one for PCBIOS and one for EFI ?

For both PCBIOS and EFI I edit the console.h file and uncomment the #define CONSOLE_FRAMEBUFFER line so that I can use the console command.

In the general.h file I have been making the following changes:
- change #undef DOWNLOAD_PROTO_NFS to #define DOWNLOAD_PROTO_NFS, in case we want to use NFS
- comment out #define HTTP_AUTH_BASIC and #define HTTP_AUTH_DIGEST, we are not using that currently
- comment out #define CRYPTO_80211_* since we are not using wireless
- PCBIOS only: uncomment IMAGE_COMBOOT line, we want to be able to use COMBOOT modules
- comment out interface management commands for wireless, Infiniband and fiber channel
- uncomment the NSLOOKUP_CMD line
- PCBIOS only: uncomment the PXE_CMD line
- uncomment PING_CMD
- uncomment CONSOLE_CMD

For EFI, the PXE_CMD and IMAGE_COMBOOT lines won't work. That's why I think I need two separate versions of general.h.
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