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How to detect ARM architecture from iPXE script?
2018-10-31, 20:35
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RE: How to detect ARM architecture from iPXE script?
Another question - why iPXE is complaining about kernel not being EFI while stock grubaa64.efi (from Ubuntu 18.04) has no problem with it? Am I missing something in iPXE setup?

>>Checking Media Presence......
Downloading NBP file...

Succeed to download NBP file.
iPXE initialising devices...ok

iPXE 1.0.0+ (975120) -- Open Source Network Boot Firmware --
iPXE 2018-10-25 running on arm64 architecture.
Configuring (net0 d4:5dBig Grinf:1d:ef:f0)...........
....... ok
tftp:// No such file or directory (
tftp:// ok
overrides.ipxe... ok
MiniOS version u18.04.1-arm64 on machine (arm64). ok
Could not select: Exec format error (
Could not boot: Exec format error (

According to, iPXE is most probably tripping over this:

Quote:If you are trying to load a Linux kernel, make sure it is build with CONFIG_EFI_STUB and that it is a working EFI binary.

But again, the same vmlinuz works with grub2 w/o any issues. Is iPXE missing some features that grub2 posses that allows it not to care if the kernel is EFI or not?
If so, any pointers on how exactly to rebuild vmlinuz with CONFIG_EFI_STUB? Strangely enough, I'm having hard time figuring this mostly because grub2 just does not seem to care so nobody needs to rebuild their kernel, I guess.

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