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Flashing Yocto Image using iPXE
2018-11-30, 18:19
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RE: Flashing Yocto Image using iPXE
"too large" depends on how much ram you have.

here is how you need to prepare the dd image for it to get CPIO header (copied from some notes of mine)
# ipxe does currently only support adding cpio headers on the fly to bzImage boots,
# but not efi, for now use preadded cpio header
# generate with: echo sysrcd.dat | cpio -H newc -o > sysrcd.dat.cpio
initrd sysrcd.dat.cpio

if RAM is less then double the dd image then you would want to use something else.
for example using curl or wget to download it from scripts within you linux - but again that then is an "disk imaging issue" rather than related to iPXE

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Are relevant error urls and PCIIDs included?
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