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boot command hangs
2019-02-25, 14:55 (This post was last modified: 2019-02-25 14:57 by bacaw.)
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RE: boot command hangs
Sorry, extra information:

Binary: undionly.kpxe
iPXE> ifstat
net0: 00:0f:53:4c:d5:90 using undionly on 0000:d8:00.0 (open)
  [Link:up, TX:10 TXE:1 RX:17 RXE:5]
  [TXE: 1 x "Network unreachable ("]
  [RXE: 5 x "The socket is not connected ("]
iPXE> ping <gateway>
64 bytes from <gateway>: seq=1

Chaining had the same result (flashing cursor indefinitely, after the '..ok' messages for vmlinuz and initrd loading)

ipxe.pxe just plain failed to load..
Booting from Solarflare 000F534CD590 (PCI D8:00.0)
Solarflare 000F534CD590 (PCI D8:00.0) starting execution...ok
00-0f-53-4c-d5-90 Features: HTTP DNS TFTP bzImage COMBOOT ELF PXE PXEXT
net2 link up
Waiting a further 5 seconds for net2 post link up... ok
DHCP (net2 00:0f:53:4c:d5:90).... ok
DHCP server: <dhcp server>
route net2: <ip>/ gw <gw>
Booting from filename "ipxe.pxe"
tftp://<tftp>/ipxe.pxe.. ok
ipxe.pxe : 349834 bytes
PXE->EB: !PXE at 9900:0B20, entry point at 9900:05F6
         UNDI code segment 9900:0BC4, data segment 99BD:255C (612-625kB)
         UNDI device is PCI D8:00.0, type DIX+802.3

From looking at, my driver is sfc_hunt, so I've used DEBUG=sfc_hunt:3 while compiling my ipxe images, no extra output seen when booting any legacy bios images though..

Interestingly if I try ipxe.efi (64bit) it works, and my original fedora28 kernel boots at least, my build isn't setup for UEFI so it hangs later on due to other problems. I just had to add initrd=initrd.img to the ipxe script kernel line to get it to boot. I see some coloured sfc_hunt messages when ipxe.efi is attempting to DHCP on all the interfaces.

So, seems its a UEFI vs legacy problem? Still unknown if it's the BIOS at fault or iPXE, or even the Solarflare firmware.

Thanks for your reply!
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