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boot command hangs
2019-02-28, 00:38
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RE: boot command hangs
(2019-02-25 16:08)bacaw Wrote:  I had another solarflare card installed in the server, which when I removed, fixed the problem!

The card I removed also works perfectly fine when installed on its own.

So... 2 cards doesn't work! I'm going to open a ticket with Solarflare to see what they say as well (I notice they have contributed the SFC driver in the source code)

In PCBIOS mode, this doesn't surprise me: If the same Firmware shows up twice on the same IRQ, the firmware will often fail. I've had to shuffle cards in servers to get working configuration many, many times. The reason it works in EFI is the EFI environment enumerates devices (very) differently and handles multiples of devices on the same IRQ much more seamlessly.

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