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[SOLVED] Kernel parameters over HTTP in EFI
2019-02-24, 08:53 (This post was last modified: 2019-02-24 08:55 by MultimediaMan.)
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RE: Kernel parameters over HTTP in EFI
RE: Kernel Panic (VFS error); This is a Common "Problem" in EFI... EFI explicitly needs to know the name of the initrd as part of the kernel command line.

initrd http://xxx/boot/fdi-image/initrd0.img
kernel http://xxx/boot/fdi-image/vmlinuz0 initrd=initrd0.img rootflags=loop root=live:/fdi.iso rootfstype=auto

You might have to play around with the "root=" portion of the command line... usually, if it works from the ISO in EFI mode in this manner, it *should* work in iPXE. It just matters where the kernel parameters are being applied.



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