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iPXE boot 3Com PCMCIA card
2019-04-11, 21:19
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iPXE boot 3Com PCMCIA card
Hello again, dear forum! : )

I`ve got two Panasonic Toughbooks CF-M34 mark 1, as out company would have thrown them away elsewise.

Since they are in perfect state still, I decided to dispose them myself in person. ; )
The Toughbooks unfortunately allow only to boot from A: or C:. Also ths thing has no ethernet port, same goes for the docking station, that I aso have.

Okay, so far so good.. I can boot from floppy, which means I could iPXE boot some boot media, so I thought, but since this hardware has no ethernet port, I need to use the PCMCIA port. Now I have three PCMCIA LAN cards.. a Highscreen one, a Xircom one and a 3Com. According to the [iPXE device list] the 3Com and Xircom cards are the most promising ones.
Unfortunately none of the cards does work with the latest iPXE boot image. :/

Question is, is there a way to enable PCMCIA support and make a 3Com 3C589D Combo card work with iPXE?

I`d like to boot CloneZilla first, to image the current HDD status, and then, after this, I`d install either [ArcaOS] or OS/2 Warp. - Maybe even Windows 2000.

Thanks in advance for reading : ))
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