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make error when building rom
2012-02-04, 20:52 (This post was last modified: 2012-02-04 21:50 by AnRkey.)
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RE: make error when building rom
(2012-02-03 15:40)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  From what I can see in src/drivers/net/tg3.c, line 3399, a very similar device seems to be supported. You can try to add a line for your specific PCI ID to that file and try to compile the bin/tg3.rom file.

If the tg3 driver doesn't work, you can try to do the same with the bnx2 driver.

In fact, showing the full output from lspci for this particular device in Linux should show you whether it is using the tg3 or bnx2 driver. iPXE uses the same name of drivers as Linux. Once you've added your PCI ID to the appropriate file you can try it out from a CD or USB stick. I would suggest waiting burning it into firmware until you know it works reasonably fast.

If no native driver exist for your card (that actually works) you can use the undionly.kpxe target together with chainloading. See the chainloading article on the main website for details on how.

If you have C skills you can try to look more closely at the init phase in the Linux kernel and see if you can adapt the correct driver in ipxe to initialize the card correctly.

You're correct, the tg3 driver is being used in Ubuntu 10.04.3.

2:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5723 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe (rev 10)
    Kernel driver in use: tg3
    Kernel modules: tg3

I'm giving it a go now, I'll update with the results shortly.

src/drivers/net/tg3.c does not exist. I found src/drivers/net/tg3/tg3.c but that only has 1000 or so lines. I've edited it anyway, giving it a go now.
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/ipxe/src$ make bin/14e4165b.rom
[RULES] drivers/net/tg3/tg3.c
[DEPS] drivers/net/tg3/tg3.c
[BUILD] bin/tg3.o
[AR] bin/blib.a
ar: creating bin/blib.a
[LD] bin/14e4165b.rom.tmp
[BIN] bin/14e4165b.rom.bin
[ZINFO] bin/14e4165b.rom.zinfo
[ZBIN] bin/14e4165b.rom.zbin
[FINISH] bin/14e4165b.rom
rm bin/14e4165b.rom.zinfo bin/14e4165b.rom.bin bin/14e4165b.rom.zbin

That was quick, it seems to have compiled. Going to burn it to the rom in a moment.
Damn Sad

I emailed you the screenshot of the error.
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