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Lenovo Drive Erase Utility + UEFI + IPXE
2019-08-01, 00:59
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RE: Lenovo Drive Erase Utility + UEFI + IPXE
you are setting root-path, but that is never used - you should start with the absolute minimal case, meaning rip everything else out.
The imgfetch and boot could be replaced with just
chain ${base-url}/BootX64.efi || goto failed

However I don't think that this is the actual issue, so lets go for the hack
grab wimboot, you can find it at

and then do:
initrd -n bootx64.efi ${base-url}/BootX64.efi bootx64.efi
chain wimboot || goto failed

what will happen now is that a virtual fat32 fs will be created by wimboot, and bootx64.efi will be started from that drive.
If the exe is needed as well then it can be loaded with an initial initrd

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Are relevant error urls and PCIIDs included?
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