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Chaining kpxe from kkpxe
2019-08-06, 19:05
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Chaining kpxe from kkpxe
OK, I have an odd requirement. I need to be able to boot to DOS with PXE/UNDI still intact so I can use the undipd packet driver. Using the kkpxe version and adding "keeppxe" to memdisk works fine.

However, I also need to install ESXi 6.5. When using the kkpxe version, I get a purple screen but if I use the kpxe (undionly) version ESXi works fine, however DOS no longer works (no network).

I've tried chaining kkpxe from kpxe to boot DOS, but get no network.
I've tried chaining kpxe from kkpxe to install ESXi, but iPXE freezes after displaying the initial features banner.

No matter what I've tried, I can't get both DOS and ESXi working in harmony.

Any ideas??

Thank you in advance.

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2019-08-13, 15:50
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RE: Chaining kpxe from kkpxe
If that is your only option, use undionly.kpxe.
If you are to boot DOS, chain to undionly.kkpxe, which in turn does the rest.

It does feel like a bug to have to use .kkpxe for this tho.

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