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UEFI iPXE ISO Standalone
2019-09-03, 16:04
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UEFI iPXE ISO Standalone

I recently got involved with building iPXE iso's after being directed from an Intel rep from a document that he built. I love the interface. I love the fact that there are always new mods getting built, so we can always pull down the latest components.

I was able to successfully create an ISO and built an efi.img file, so it's capable of dual booting via Legacy and UEFI. The goal is to create a lightweight IDE-R image for when we need to use out of band management leveraging vPro technology since IDE-R transfers are slow.

When I boot via Legacy, my ISOLINUX.cfg file is successfully polled to launch the wim-boot.ipxe file that I have and all the components are properly pulled down. Works fantastically.

When I boot via UEFI, it looks like it's scanning for an available PXE server such as Tiny PXE server which I did set on a jump server, but I don't want to leave that up long term as it sniffs a lot of DHCP traffic coming through, and I would have to change subnets often. Besides, we only have a few dedicated servers in our large environment that handle DHCP and that might interfere with their performance long term.

So what I'm trying to figure is how I can get the UEFI side to call the same wim-boot.ipxe file that Legacy calls. On a Linux box, I complied the EFI using the, "Embeded=wim-boot.ipxe," swtich and then use dd to create the img file, but it still seems like any configuration I put together gets largely ignored and it defaults to standby of looking for a PXE server in the subnet the device is on.

My goal is to roll 2 IDE-R images, 1 via Production and 1 for lab as we have to do a lot of POC testing from time to time. Much of our environment is set up for PXE boot already for prod, but there are some sparse areas that don't have it or we need to troubleshoot remotely why it's not working, and as mentioned before, our lab, that's not set up for PXE boot.

Any other suggestions I can try would be of great help.

Here's the output for the wim-boot.ipxe file

dhcp net0 && echo IP address: ${net0/ip} ; echo Subnet mask: ${net0/netmask}
initrd BOOTMGR
initrd BCD
initrd BOOT.SDI
initrd BOOT.WIM
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2019-09-05, 00:20 (This post was last modified: 2019-09-05 00:24 by NiKiZe.)
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RE: UEFI iPXE ISO Standalone
As reply to your double post:, you didn't read the Read this BEFORE your first post!

I'm reading this as your main issue is that the builds of iPXE don't behave the same,
Please post your steps that you are using to build iPXE

As reference to embed, see

Use GitHub Discussions
VRAM bin
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