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Referring to files in the initial RAM disk
2019-11-30, 02:49
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RE: Referring to files in the initial RAM disk
Hi MultimediaMan,

(2019-11-29 17:58)MultimediaMan Wrote:  In your case you will need to load the background.png image, but it will need to be referenced in the ipxe.lkrn embedded script:

console --picture background.png

I should have included my embedded script. It does exactly the above, however it appears to try to retrieve the background.png file over the network rather than trying the initial RAM Disk contents first.

It gives the following error:

No such file or directory: (

This error points to net/udp/tftp.c (line 861) which, understandably, fails because there is no network at this point. We are booting from an ISO, having read the ipxe config file from the ISO in to the initial RAM disk and are about to prompt for static IP details.

I was hoping I could access the background picture from the initial RAM disk, display it to the user, prompt for the IP details and then initialise the network and chain as needed.

Everything works without the background image but it would be nice to know if there is a way of specifying the initial RAM disk image file via some URI magic or not.

Again, any thoughts or advice gratefully received.


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