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New preseed on Ubuntu 20.04
2020-05-02, 07:50 (This post was last modified: 2020-05-02 08:03 by MultimediaMan.)
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RE: New preseed on Ubuntu 20.04
OK, we could have two separate issues here: Is the issue iPXE or Ubuntu? If it iPXE, then this is the place for help. If it is Ubuntu, then this may not (but still may be) a place for help.

At the end of the day, iPXE is just a really flexible bootloader. You have to be careful about determining where the problems lie.

Saying the system doesn't work is unhelpful at best. Please describe the boot sequence and what you see from power on to PXE and beyond.

If you want to capture logs, there are several sections on how to do this: Syslog is not enabled by default due to security/ binary size issues. It is for debugging only.

I) Describe your DHCP TFTP environment and which iPXE bootloader you are using (undionly.kpxe, ipxe.efi, etc...) iPXE build numbers may be helpful.

II) Describe each of the following steps in the boot cycle:

A) BIOS splash screen (you should see this)
B) PXE Boot Screen (you should see this)
1. PXE DHCP Request
2. IP address info
C) iPXE Boot Screen (you should see this)
1. iPXE Kernel Entry
2. iPXE DHCP Request (you should see this)
3. Embedded/Downloaded Script Entry
4. Initrd/vmlinuz download
D) Ubuntu Kernel Entry (you should see this)
1. vmlinuz/ initrd Execution (you should see this)



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