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New preseed on Ubuntu 20.04
2020-05-11, 13:40
Post: #6
RE: New preseed on Ubuntu 20.04
Thanks d4rk3 for your example, but it's not working.
set    imgargs    initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/rd/0 ramdisk_size=14984 rw ip=dhcp auto=true keymap=us hostname=ubuntu vga=normal preseed/url=http://${66}/iso/ubuntu/autoinstall/config.yml
kernel iso/ubuntu/vmlinuz  ${imgargs}
initrd iso/ubuntu/initrd

For MultimediaMan, I don't know what I can answer to you sorry...
rom-o-matic is not reachable, and on my VM I cannot compil a new .efi multiples errors... Sorry. I tried to answer this my template of snponly.efi

I can boot Ubuntu 20.04 installer without problem. Just my autoinstaller yaml is not use. Canonical change network boot method.

This is

dhcp ||

echo IP pxe server: ${66}
sleep 2

set menu-url http://${66}/menu.ipxe

initrd ${menu-url} && goto success || goto failure

echo Success!
sleep 2
goto command

echo Failure!
sleep 2

chain ${menu-url} ||

#For Troubleshooting after Failure...

So read this doc: Autonstall
And if someone know how to make it work with iPXE, it's will be very good.

I'll looking for for cloudinit and ipxe, maybe.

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