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New preseed on Ubuntu 20.04
2020-05-11, 14:52 (This post was last modified: 2020-05-12 06:02 by fred.)
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RE: New preseed on Ubuntu 20.04
I know MultimediaMan that is not a iPXE problem.

I just ask for help to integrate the new Ubuntu Network install to iPXE. Not said that iPXE don't work.
Certainly I'm not clear in my explanations.

But I found something!

With this entry:
kernel iso/ubuntu/vmlinuz
initrd iso/ubuntu/initrd
imgargs vmlinuz initrd=initrd boot=casper ip=dhcp url=http://${66}/iso/ubuntu/focal-live-server-amd64.iso debian-installer/language=fr console-setup/layoutcode?=fr autoinstall ds=nocloud-net;s=http://${66}/iso/ubuntu/autoinstall/

Add this to imgargs:
autoinstall ds=nocloud-net;s=http://${66}/iso/ubuntu/autoinstall/

And create in $PWD/iso/ubuntu/autoinstall/ a file called: user-data with content of this documentation: AutoInstall references
And just touch another file called meta-data .

And It's autoinstall start!

But now, I have errors with content of user-data. My installation is hang on error.
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