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DHCP timeout only on reboot
2020-05-15, 09:17
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DHCP timeout only on reboot

I'm really puzzeled as to why the following scenario doesn't work and hope you folks can help me out!

I'm trying to use razor-server and iPXE to provision a machine over the network within VirtualBox. This server will network boot the machine into a so called microkernel which decides on an OS to install. Once decided the microkernel is reboots the machine and the wanted OS is network booted from the network.

The odd thing is that iPXE seems to only work once, when the machine is powered on and not upon reboot. When the machine is rebooted from the microkernel DHCP will timeout, no matter how many tries.

This gist contains the full log of the machine and you can see at the end the machine starting the endless reboot cycle.

This setup seems to work for VMWare Fusion, so any idea why it does now work for VirtualBox when rebooting?

  • Host machine: macos Catalina 10.15.4
  • Guest microkernel: CentOS Linux 7 (Core)
  • iPXE - 1.20.1+ (gebff2) - commit sha ebff21a515f948848e4cb7e332bb6438aafdeb57
  • VirtualBox - 6.1.6 r137129
  • VMware Fusion - 11.5.3
  • Relevant VirtualBox network adapter: Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM)
  • Dnsmasq - version 2.80

Tried the following things:
  • Test on VMWare Fusion - works
  • All VirtualBox network adapters - doesn't work
  • Enter iPXE Shell and open/close the interface, request DHCP multiple times, reboot - doesn't work

Note the behaviour described is very similar to another thread
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