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How to start iPXE correctly step by step?
2020-05-20, 13:26
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How to start iPXE correctly step by step?
I fought the iPXE for a long time and I didn't succeed, so I'm here to help. So I will write to you gradually what I have now. I am doing a small project as a task since high school. The teacher told me to do it myself and I'm still struggling with it.

The goal of the project is to install the Windows 10 operating system on iSCSI - a remote virtual disk.

I will describe to you what we have now:
I have a Windows Server 2019 server and I have WDS installed there. I tried a normal computer with an SSD to install the OS over PXE and WDS works without a problem.

I have an active ISCSI target service there on Windows Server. Everything works without a problem, I tried to create an iSCSI virtual disk. Then another computer to activate the ISCSI Initiator service and then with the help of diskmgmt.msc I created a disk there and without any problem.

Now I'm looking for a solution to start the computer without a disk and when booting, the ISCSI virtual disk from the Windows Server is automatically connected and then I want to install Win10 directly into the ISCSI virtual disk to install Windows.

I have DHCP, DNS, WDS, AD running on Windows Server and everything is going without a problem.

Please follow the exact procedure to do so that I can have a remote iSCSI connected in the Windows installation.

don't be mad at me please feel free to proceed how to do it?
Thank you very much and I will be very happy if you help us.
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