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Network unreachable or Operation not supported
2020-06-14, 01:29
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Network unreachable or Operation not supported
Hello everyone,

For starters, I'm new to iPXE but I've been trying to follow some guides and don't know if I'm missing something critical.

I'm using the provided ISO as-is from the download page. I've taken that standard ISO and set it up on my PXE server as the bootable image so my clients boot into iPXE. I assume this is ok, while there is a warning about "full functionality" that's too vague so I'm not sure what "full" means.

In other words, I have traditional PXE working with the ISC dhcpv4 server paired with tftp. With those two services, I'm serving the iPXE.iso to my clients so they can then boot from things like http, iscsi, etc.

I would think that chain-loading should work more or less out of the box, so I've been trying to get ubuntu-server to boot from an HTTP server.

I set up an HTTP server with python3 (after disabling all firewalls)

sudo python3 -m http.server 80

I know the http server works because I can hit it from other working clients on the network and the desired info comes up with no problems.

but when my client is coming up, boots into iPXE, and I'm at the iPXE prompt, I try to do the following:


I get:

"Could not open SAN device: Connection reset ("

Prior to starting this post, I was also getting Operation not supported, I don't know why that's changed.

My DHCP server sees iPXE asking for an address, iPXE gets one:

iPXE> dhcp
Configuring (net0 <MAC>)..... ok

(I hid my MAC on purpose, but it shows up in the prompt as expected)

net0: gw

which all looks good to me. I don't see any networking issues here, and yet....connection resets?

in the midst of writing this, I setup a different http server on the same machine as the dhcp server, and now I'm back to ::


Could not open SAN device: Operation not supported (

I can see the GET requests on my HTTP server too....I'm really scratching my head.....what have I missed?

do I really need to compile all of iPXE from source just to chain-load from HTTP?

Thanks in advance...
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