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When to use pxe and kpxe
2020-06-21, 12:49
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When to use pxe and kpxe
The buildtarget page mentions that there are many types of drivers like ipxe, intel, undionly etc. But I am a bit confused to which one I should choose. My requirements are that I need to support as many computers as possible, and speed is not a concern. So which one supports the most hardware? ipxe or undionly? pxe or kpxe?

Also i need to support 32bit Legacy, 32bit EFI, 64bit EFI and maybe 64bit Legacy. Am I correct in assuming the following options support the most hardware?


If not, please say which ones I should replace with what. Should I maybe replace .kpxe with .kkpxe for a wider support?

If it matters, the binaries are provided by ISC dhcpd when the clients do a PXE boot. After they are loaded they will provide a BzImage.
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